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Seed & Rootlets    
We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality ginseng seed in North Carolina. Our ripe ginseng berries are hand picked in the fall. Seed is extracted from the pulp and properly stratified in sand to optimize germination the following year. Due to high demand, please call for pricing and availability of seed.

If you’re interested in getting a head start on your own ginseng plants and seed, we have rootlets available from 3-6 years old that are hand dug and packed in moist peat for pickup or shipment. High Country Ginseng is a North Carolina Certified Nursery and can ship our roots anywhere in the US. Price per rootlet equals age…3-year-old rootlets, $3. 4-year-old rootlets $4, etc.

Our wild-simulated rootlets have the wrinkling and shape that will eventually produce the highest value mature roots.

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