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About Us    

Travis Cornett established High Country Ginseng in 2007 when he planted his first 50 lbs of seed on a forested property just outside of Boone, North Carolina. As wild ginseng became more scarce over the years, he realized that sustainably planting ginseng would allow him to cultivate this important Appalachian medicinal plant and allow him to sell seed and rootlets to others interested in establishing this plant on their own lands and to Asian clients who value this plant. Today, he and his associates with High Country Ginseng have over 15 acres of established wild-simulated ginseng ranging from 1 to 8 years old.

High Country Ginseng’s mission is to become a leader in wild-simulated ginseng production and education in western North Carolina. We produce seed and rootlets to encourage the reestablishment of this increasingly rare forest grown medicinal that is a staple of Appalachian heritage. Our older roots are favored by Chinese and Korean clients for their shape, size, flavor, and medicinal properties.

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